RISE | Southeast is an initiative developed and led by resilient, inspired, strong, and engaged residents of 80910 and 80916. In 2016, El Paso County Public Health was the recipient of El Pomar Foundation’s Possibilities grant and El Pomar made a seven-year commitment to help fund RISE | Southeast an initiative aimed to enhance southeast Colorado Springs from within through resident led change.

Our Vision

A vibrant, connected community that provides opportunity for all to thrive.

Our Mission

To enhance the southeast from within through resident led change.

Check out the RISE | Action Plan below:

Connect people
Neighborhood identification and activationHost clean-up days, block watches, neighborhood meetings
(Involve HOAs, businesses)

Define neighborhood borders and develop map

Regular community events for neighborhoods

Communication with youthPromote Southeast CS Facebook page, Instagram

Outreach and visibility on social media platforms

Communication tool for younger populations

Centralized website for RISEDevelop a website with mobile-friendly capabilities and disability, kiosks, bulletin boardsVirtual hub for information dissemination
Newsletter/newspaper/ postcards
*complementary website and app (?)

Solicit for technical assistance

*Next Door

Communication tool with information desired by residents
Capture resident storiesCommunity (His)Story collection and publicationCultural history identified, shared and collected to bridge youth with older adults (intergenerational)
Media relations and media produced locally

Invite media to community events

Develop mobile friendly website, kiosk, bulletin boards

Create a local YouTube channel, innovative outreach methods

Improved perception of Southeast Colorado Springs

Earned media (television, print, web)

Virtual hubs to distribute information

Website/platform for Southeast Colorado Springs area service providers to communicate with one another
Find/solicit for web developerWebsite with all components identified in the scope of work
Research similar service provider forums, websites, and communication hubs
Identify all desired components for an online platform modeled from best practices
Website with desired components, partner organization feedback (dashboard – including a shared community calendar, organizational profile)
Connect people to resources
Identify all stakeholders and determine gapsExpand list of stakeholders to include businesses, religious organizations, educators, etc.A more comprehensive and inclusive list of community participants in organized activitiesInitial by Dec. 31, 2017
Introduce RISE efforts to the communityPlan, coordinate and host community picnics, summer festival (Shades of Colorado Springs) for social connections

Provide free, family-friendly activities for the community
Connect residents to new resources and ways to get involved

Feed the community

Activate underutilized spaces
Ongoing (annually)
Enhance safety and connectedness of neighborhood by facilitating communication between school staff (counselors), police, library staff, council person, social workers, CSFD, health educators/providers, and other community organizations to discuss community issues.Host regular meetings at schools or other local venues.

(“Town Hall”, “Lunch ‘n Learn” style)
Strengthen neighborhood connections among community service professionals

Identify and provide education on what are areas of concern before they become enforcement issues

Enhance Neighborhood Watch programs

Reduce procedural barriers in bringing community concerns to the attention of local officials
Create networking, educational and mentorship opportunities for the community (personal and professional)Plan “Community check-ins” to network, share organizations’ progress, and celebrate local leaders
(e.g. Hispanic Council Concilio)
Enhanced capacity; ability to nurture new leaders; recruit and train local residents for jobs, engagement opportunities

Create a central space for input on civic engagement
Connect people to places 
Plan and build a community resources center that offers services, classes and resources for all agesPop-up events

Advocacy assistance to proceed with site selection and site planning for community space
Keep neighborhood informed of local SE land use planning efforts (ULI Report Launch)

Neighborhood voice represented in site selection
Fall 2017

Ongoing through 2023
Furnish hub spaceIdentify partners willing to donate furniture, local businesses with excessSpaces defined – seating, tables availableOngoing
Transportation prioritiesDiscuss transportation needs in 80916/10 zip code areas

Develop and solidify a plan for independent transportation in SE COS

Continue to advocate for increased public transportation
Local access to existing routesOngoing
Activate spaces for programmingProvide a safe space for exercise and educational classes and workshops (life skills – nutrition, budgeting, parenting, etc.), provide meeting space, play spaceClasses held

Space booked/rented
Explore opportunities for affordable housingResearch innovative optionsAreas identified for pilot projects2019
Create signature features unique to Southeast CSHost projects that define the Southeast CommunityRevitalization through Public Art, Mural, Time Capsule, Physical Structure

Increase community pride

Entryway Signage into Southeast
Community Wi-FiPartner with Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD) to promote Wi-Fi units w/cellular broadband for patron rental

Explore Wi-Fi expansion, 5G LTE and opportunities for enhanced services with network providers (e.g., Comcast, CenturyLink)

Work with city and county to add Wi-Fi expansion into their future infrastructure plans

Work with local businesses to expand Wi-Fi access points

Investigate the use of very high frequency (VHF) and/or ultra high frequency (UHF) for Wi-Fi access points
Improved capacity, connection

Expanded number of Wi-Fi access points
Spring 2018
Connect people to opportunity
Propose utilities subsidies for residents to turn on outside lights from dusk to dawn (explore solar options)Request additional lighting for parks, recreation programs (Energy Resource Center, Pikes Peak United Way, County, HBA Cares)

Research subsidy programs (e.g., LEAP)

Organize listening session with CSU reps, Parks Department and neighbors with professional moderators, food, and childcare
Hire moderator to facilitate session and frame the issues.

Proposed MOUs for subsidized residential and public services
Fall/Winter 2017

Winter 2017
Promote available financial assistance funds for low-income homeowners and tenants (e.g., HUD grants)Host opportunities to learn about housing rehabilitation fundingImprove living conditions for community’s most vulnerable

Increase the number of safe, affordable housing options
Initial event: April 2017

Reduce food insecurityIdentify more sites for food distribution by partner organizationsFresh food options more readily available for residents

Creation of community gardens
Fall 2017
Improve access to governmental and social service agencies by requesting service locations in SE CS
Compile list of most requested services via survey or review of previous studies/surveys.

Conduct interviews with agencies in question and prepare short document of agency barriers to locating/expanding to SE area.

Explore innovative ideas (i.e., mobile)
Service gap analysis

Consolidated documentation of barriers for service expansion for agencies and other providers to inform next steps for advocacy at all levels

Present to neighborhood org, City Council, and larger community
Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

Fall 2017
Advocacy assistance dependent on findings of barrier study • Propose pop-up service pilot project • Identify sites for temporary or permanent locations • Loans/grants Fall 2017
Identify and promote resources for job trainingIdentify existing programs and populations served —United Way, Mt. Carmel, PPWFC, PPCC

Increase awareness and development of career training opportunities, pathways, apprenticeships, completion of HS diploma/GED

Expansion of PPWFC service hours in YMCA and other locations in Southeast CS

Identify funding opportunities to increase THRIVE programs (develop entrepreneurship skills to create small business and solo enterprise opportunities)

Work with D-11 and existing/new businesses located in the 80910/16 to create internships for HS students paid or unpaid

Support policies that will require agencies and organizations providing social services or healthcare to residents to actively recruit applicants from service area (e.g., Peak Vista, Atlas Prep, child care centers, CPCD – Giving Children a Headstart)
Inventory of local job opportunities (determine skills needed/link training to emerging job market)

Residents completing training programs or HS/GED program

Residents trained in specific skills (healthcare and childcare training/certification)

Residents hired into local jobs

Entrepreneurs starting new small businesses

Sites offering job training and skill development within the community





Connect people to potential
Continued resident leader engagementCivic participation in decisions impacting SE CSAligning investment from city/county with need for SE

Provide a platform for change based on RISE priorities
Innovative models of fundingWork with Colorado Criminal Justice Restoration Coalition on legislative bill for Department of Corrections reallocation of parole violation funds

Explore other grant opportunities
Funding for physical space

Funding for local business startup

Leveraged resources from other sources
2018 – 2019

Entrepreneurial Education
Provide educational opportunities in SE for potential entrepreneursIncrease in start-up businesses2019
Partner with entrepreneurial businesses wanting to locate in SE CSPresence of new businesses

Local job opportunities
Economic Opportunity Zone (EOZ)Incentivize businesses to locate/relocate to SE CS through tax credits (TIF)Increase in businesses physically located in SE

Reduce vacancies in buildings around SE

Increase living wage job opportunities
Support the creation of a Community Development Corp. (CDC) or Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)Research how a CDC and/or CDFI is created

Explore development of a local CDC for Southeast

Identify alliance partnerships
Organized structure to coordinate community-building activities specific to the area

Increased funding opportunities (HUD)
Late 2018-2020